Instant Expert: How Your Brain Works

Join the New Scientist for this day long exploration into your grey matter… The brain has long been a source of fascination. In 1819, the radical thinker and surgeon William Lawrence put it like this: “It is strongly suspected that a Newton or Shakespeare excels other mortals only… by having an extra inch of brain in the […]

Packed Lunch: Insomnia

Feed your curiosity as well as your stomach at the Wellcome Collection’s Packed Lunch. Drop in on your lunch break and listen to scientists in conversation about their latest research, why science matters to all and general life in the lab. This latest offering is all about insomnia. Most of us will experience insomnia at some point in […]

The World’s Got Rhythm, Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms run the biological world like clockwork. Madeleine Hurry explains how they work, from the genes in a bacterium to the human brain

Can animals dream?

Most animals need sleep. Even C. elegans, the nematode worm, has sleep-like states and it is one of the simplest organisms that exists with a nervous system. Sleep comes in many guises, in invertebrates like the cockroach; it can be as simple as folding down your antennae, adopting your favourite posture and decreasing your sensitivity […]

Power napping your way to the top

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that many, if not all, of my business ideas lack any real possibility of becoming a reality. However, earlier this week scientists from Germany and Switzerland have seemingly issued support for my latest get-rich-quick scheme, unbeknownst to them. I am a napper. During periods of intense exam preparation I […]