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Diary of a Researcher: Life at the (not-so-romantic) telescope

In the fourth part of our Diary of a researcher series, Josh Greenslade gives us an insight in to what life is like at an observatory 2,800m above sea level. One thing is for sure: not even making coffee is easy up there.

I,Science Issue 36 Artwork

Following on from the great feedback we received for using reader¬†artwork in our last issue, Other Worlds, our Picture’s Editor, Natasha Gertler, reached out to our readers again for their artistic input for our Spring 2017¬†issue, Taboo. Below, in order of magazine appearance, we look at each piece more closely, accompanied by a short description […]

I,Science Issue 36: ‘Taboo’ Out Now!

Pick up your copy in the lobby of the Sherfield Building or at I,Science stands around the South Kensington Campus today, or click here to read the magazine online.