About Us

I, Science is a London-based website for science news, events, blogs and features, as well as a multiple award-winning magazine published three times per year.
The team which produces the I, Science website and the magazine is a group of post-graduate students at Imperial College, studying for an MSc in Science Communication and Science Media Production.

  • Jacqueline Opoku-Darkwa (Co-Editor-in-Chief)
  • Aoife Hardesty (Co-Editor-in-Chief)
  • Rachel Ng (Web Editor)
  • Christine Parry (Magazine Designer)
  • Madeleine Openshaw (News Editor)
  • Juan Rubio Gorrochategui (Online Features Manager)
  • Andrew Dixon (Event Manager)
  • Jialu Wang (Business Manager)
  • Hilary Guite and Jason Hosken (Radio Broadcast Editors)
  • Jemma Titheridge (TV Broadcast Editor)
  • Céleste Nilges (Pictures Editor)
  • Rebecca Bloomfield (Marketing and Social Media Manager)
  • Subeditors:
    • Sadie Sweetland
    • Gina Degtyareva
    • Katrina Brain
    • May Vilailuck
    • Kathy Grenville
    • Ruby Pickup

Contact us at i.science@imperial.ac.uk or iscience-events@imperial.ac.uk