October 20, 2021

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

About Us

I, Science is a London-based website for science news, events, reviews and features, as well as a multiple award-winning magazine published three times per year.

Meet the Team!

The team producing the I, Science website and the magazine is a group of postgraduate students at Imperial College London, studying for an MSc in Science Communication or Science Media Production.

image of Akila

Akila Raghavan


Contact: akila.raghavan20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Alexia

Alexia Yiannouli


Contact: alexia.yiannouli20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Leigh

Leigh West

Magazine Designer

Contact: leigh.west20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Naomi

Naomi Dinmore

Web Editor

Contact: naomi.dinmore20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Ariana

Ariana Loehr

Web Accessibility Officer

Contact: ariana.loehr20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Kaylee

Kaylee Gregor

Online Features Editor

Contact: kaylee.gregor20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Keegan

Keegan Schroeder

News Editor

Contact: keegan.schroeder20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Fatima

Fatima Sherriff

Reviews Editor

Contact: fatima.sherriff20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Polly

Polly Cohen

Radio Editor

Contact: pollyanna.cohen20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Lily

Lily Hayward

Radio Producer

Contact: lily.hayward20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Alienor

Alienor Hammer

Pictures Editor

Contact: alienor.hammer20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Jay

Jay Balamurugan

TV and YouTube Editor

Contact: jay.balamurugan20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Sophie

Sophie Burley

Events Manager

Contact: sophie.burley20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Gemma

Gemma Ralton

Marketing Manager

Contact: gemma.ralton20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Ushashi

Ushashi Basu

Social Media Manager

Contact: ushashi.basu20@imperial.ac.uk

image of Anna

Anna Bassadone

Sub Editor

image of Isobel

Isobel Chandler


image of Alice

Alice Hirst


image of Katharine

Katharine Lang


image of Gabriella

Gabriella Linning


image of Dave

Dave Warrell