July 13, 2024

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

About Us

I, Science is a London-based website for science news, events, reviews and features, as well as a multiple award-winning magazine published three times per year.

Meet the Team!

The team producing the I, Science website and the magazine is a group of postgraduate students at Imperial College London, studying for an MSc in Science Communication or Science Media Production.


Alex Epshtein


Contact: alex.epshtein23@imperial.ac.uk


Tom Casburn


Contact: tom.casburn23@imperial.ac.uk

Nika Eskandari

Magazine Designer

Contact: nika.eskandari23@imperial.ac.uk

Leyla Karabekmez

Website Manager


Emilia Griffin

Features Editor

Contact: emilia.griffin23@imperial.ac.uk

Olive Bradshaw

Deputy Features Editor

Contact: olive.bradshaw23@imperial.ac.uk

Valentina Moya

News Editor

Contact: valentina.moya23@imperial.ac.uk

Ellen McNally

Deputy News Editor

Contact: ellen.mcnally23@imperial.ac.uk

Olivia Rehberger

Reviews Editor

Contact: olivia.rehberger23@imperial.ac.uk

Brian Kennedy

Radio Producer/ Co-Presenter

Contact: brian.kennedy23@imperial.ac.uk

Chamey Suchors

Radio Producer/ Co-Presenter

Contact: chamey.suchors23@imperial.ac.uk

Shreya Joglekar

Pictures Editor

Contact: shreya.joglekar23@imperial.ac.uk

Daniel Ward

Co-Video Editor

Contact: daniel.ward23@imperial.ac.uk

Shaunak Joshi

Co-Video Editor

Contact: shaunak.joshi23@imperial.ac.uk

Nadirah Hussain

Events Manager

Contact: nadirah.hussain23@imperial.ac.uk

Caroline Allison

Deputy Events Manager

Contact: caroline.allison23@imperial.ac.uk

Caitlin Kennedy

Deputy Events Manager

Contact: caitlin.kennedy23@imperial.ac.uk

Abinaya Rajendran

Marketing Manager

Contact: abinaya.rajendran23@imperial.ac.uk

Jemma Harris

Sub- Editor

Contact: jemma.harris23@imperial.ac.uk


Marie Morie

Sub- Editor

Contact: marie.mori19@imperial.ac.uk


Oscar Allan

Sub- Editor

Contact: oscar.allan23@imperial.ac.uk


Eoghan McGee

Social Media Manager

Contact: eoghan.mcgee23@imperial.ac.uk