June 25, 2022

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

About Us

I, Science is a London-based website for science news, events, reviews and features, as well as a multiple award-winning magazine published three times per year.

Meet the Team!

The team producing the I, Science website and the magazine is a group of postgraduate students at Imperial College London, studying for an MSc in Science Communication or Science Media Production.

Faye Saulsbury


Contact: faye.saulsbury21@imperial.ac.uk

Jacklin Kwan


Contact: jacklin.kwan21@imperial.ac.uk

Zoe Castleden

Magazine Designer

Contact: zoe.castleden21@imperial.ac.uk

Amy Ringrose

Web Editor

Contact: amy.ringrose21@imperial.ac.uk

Mayah Pico

Web Accessibility Officer

Contact: mayah.pico21@imperial.ac.uk

Freya Masters

Online Features Editor

Contact: freya.masters21@imperial.ac.uk

Sascha Pare

Deputy Online Features Editor

Contact: sascha.pare21@imperial.ac.uk

John Bader

News Editor

Contact: hanna-george.bader21@imperial.ac.uk

Sofia Hurst

Deputy News Editor

Contact: sofia.hurst21@imperial.ac.uk

Anjana Nair

Reviews Editor

Contact: anjana.nair21@imperial.ac.uk

Alex Häuser

Radio Editor

Contact: alex.hauser21@imperial.ac.uk

Camilla Arvidsson

Radio Producer

Contact: camilla.arvidsson21@imperial.ac.uk

Bella Spencer

Pictures Editor

Contact: bella.spencer21@imperial.ac.uk

Lu Han

TV and YouTube Editor

Contact: lu.han21@imperial.ac.uk

Shannon Clerkin

Events Manager

Contact: shannon.clerkin20@imperial.ac.uk

Quan Deng

Marketing Manager

Contact: iscience-business@imperial.ac.uk

Emma Soh

Social Media Manager

Contact: emma.soh21@imperial.ac.uk

Celeste de Kock

Sub Editor

Hattie Brooks


Ingrid Espinosa


Katie Tomsett


Vaishnavi Mohan