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Hi I, Science writers!

The theme for the upcoming 41th issue of our magazine (Autumn 2018) will be Earth. We have already commissioned the magazine’s articles, but you are welcome to email our Web Editor Rachel Ng with any on- or off-topic ideas for an online-only piece. You can find her at
If you want to be on the mailing list of writers and receive the call-out three times a year for articles to be printed in the magazine as well as published online, please let us know at


For feature articles, you can pitch your own story any time. Please send us a 100 word outline (abstract) on your chosen topic, discussing your angle/outline for a piece. If you have any previous writing experience, do send us any examples (this is not a requirement, but would be helpful).

 Magazine features are either 650 words or 1200 words (specific word limits mentioned below). Website features are usually around 650 words.

Book/event reviews, news articles and blogs

We always looking for book and event reviews, and news articles, as well as 600-800 word blog posts. If you are interested in writing any of these pieces, email our Online Features Manager, Juan Rubio Gorrochategui (at, our News Managers, Madeleine Openshaw (at, or for event reviews contact the Events Manager, Andrew Dixon (at


If you are a keen photographer, we’d like to hear from you! All the articles have a photo attached and it would be great if we could use our own photos rather than stock photos. We also do a science behind the photo centerfold (see below) that needs a stunning photo.
Please contact our Pictures Editor, Celeste Nilges, at to submit a photo.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at any time.

Many thanks,

I, Science team
Editors-in-Chief: Jacqueline Opoku-Darkwa and Aoife Hardesty
Wed Editor: Rachel Ng
Magazine Designer: Christine Parry

I, Science, Felix Office, Beit Quad, Prince Consort Road, London, SW7 2BB

Twitter: @Isciencemedia

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  1. I put wells into third world countries and am looking into putting a machine called a slingshot into Cambodia… But you have an article that says pure water can kill you.But slingshot Say that they think its a great idea to put these machines into third world countries..If your article is right then we would be unwittingly murdering people by doing this…So do you validate your articles or take advice from any random writer???

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