June 19, 2024

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

On this week's show: CRISPR twins, plan S, research on Christmas Trees, and the new I, Science magazine.

This week, we discussed the emerging CRISPR twin study that was conducted by a maverick scientist including the ethical implications of this technology and the future of gene editing. We also talked about open science and open access publishing in light of the recent news on ‘Plan S’, a coordinated effort by top institutions to make the research they publish freely available. Next, we talked about the research efforts to make a Christmas tree that can retain its needles and discussed our own positions on the fake vs. real tree debate. Finally, we talked about some of the articles we are most looking forward to in the recently released I, Science Magazine.

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This week’s I, Science Radio is  produced by Juanita Bawagan. Our radio editors are Skylar Knight and Aaron Hadley.

This week’s guests are Katrina Brian, Louis van der Linden, Dani Ellenby, and Anthea Lacchia. 

Banner image: December on the Red Louisiana Boardwalk Giant Christmas Tree 2l; Wikicommons