August 10, 2022

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

On this week's show we take a look back on the episodes we have produced this term.


This week, Hilary and Jason co-presented the I,Science Christmas special show. Jason produced and refined the packages from all our shows this term. Bernadetta was in control of the live sound from our lovely studio in the Sci Comm department. We started with a celebration of our wonderful news editor Madeline and that special moment when we heard the toilet flush to remind us about what should and shouldn’t go down there. We moved swiftly on to recapping what we learnt about lying and Hilary enjoyed another attempt to explain the Nobel prize for a phage display in terms of yellow thingies. The yellow thingy theme worked well to explain same sex parents and why pups of male parents died but not those of female parents. We relived a highlight of our live Professor Malamud on Skype explaining his research on the anthropogenic causes behind of so-called natural disasters. The Iceland advert against Palm Oil led to a heated discussion with the famous line from Skylar “Just think of those Christmas Trees bred for slaughter”. We ended the show with a summary of the best bits of our theme review of what transhumanism is and isn’t capable of. We are back on 7th January 5pm.

Listen below and find the rest of our shows

This week’s I, Science Radio is  produced by Jason Hosken. Our radio editor is Hilary Guite. 

Banner image: Happy new year, Flickr