The dangers of the e-Sports revolution

It’s a Saturday night in Los Angeles and the University of South California’s Galen Centre is completely sold out. Over 10,000 excited fans have packed out the sports arena. Each has paid at least $30 to watch two teams battle it out in the championship final. The play-offs were thrilling, but this match is for […]

Look, No Hands

A trial of contactless image manipulation is giving surgeons more control In an operating room at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, a surgeon is inserting a stent into a patient’s aorta. He glances up to a screen showing a real-time image of the artery. With a wave of his hand, the surgeon rotates and zooms […]

Virtual lovers and cyber-livers: the Future of Augmented Reality

There’s a zombie standing in my kitchen. It doesn’t look too dangerous, but it’s dripping god-knows-what onto the linoleum and it doesn’t appear to be wearing any trousers. Arms outstretched, it lumbers forward, grey fingers reaching out for my neck. I press a small, blue button. The zombie convulses, a red patch appears on its […]