Leading the way

In his successful fight against lead gasoline, Clair Patterson showed us how scientists can become an essential element in the defence of our rights and wellbeing.

Tiny terabytes – storing data in a single molecule

Storage of larger and larger quantities of data is constantly taking up smaller and smaller amounts of physical space. But what about storing data in a single molecule? Since the early 1990s single molecule magnets (SMMs) have been explored as a means of data storage and recent research at the University of Nottingham has produced […]

Every mushroom cloud has a silver lining

Uranium could be the storage medium of the future, according to a new paper in Nature Chemistry from researchers at the University of Nottingham. While using a by-product from uranium enrichment may not exactly be everyone’s first choice for a data storage medium, the team, led by Dr Steve Liddle, believe that the magnetic properties […]