Stephen McGann: Representations of medicine on TV

To kick off 2016 we welcome Stephen McGann, actor of BBC drama Call the Midwife and author of the upcoming book ‘Doctor Turner’s Casebook’ which details the medical background to some of the cases portrayed in Call the Midwife. Stephen has written an essay for the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine about the […]

The Changing Face of Forensics

Join the BFI for an illustrated discussion on the changing face of forensic science on TV and the impact it had on real policing methods. We chart the development of this drama sub-genre

Lanier vs Zuckerberg

[Visualisation of the world’s Facebook relationships. Click image for large version.] This article is taken from the Winter 2011 issue of I, Science. Douglas Heaven reviews Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not A Gadget (Penguin, 2010) and the BBC’s documentary Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook (December 2011). In You Are Not A Gadget, Jaron Lanier – computer […]

Secret Scientist: Mark Mann

Technologist at BBC R&D The BBC R&D Department is the core of the corporation’s effort to be at the cutting edge of media technology, and drives the exploration of exciting new tools for the production and distribution of programming. In his role as a technologist, Mark Mann has drawn on scientific expertise in developing innovative […]

The Great I, Science Sci Fi TV Survey

Ben Kolb and Adrian Giordani – April 2010 A couple of months ago the I, Science team were ‘geeking’ out in the pub, arguing over the respective merits of Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine and whether the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica s the best science fiction series ever? After much debate and before the […]