Science of Cycling: How to be an elite cyclist

Louis Passfield, Professor of Sport Science joins The Physiological Society for a public talk perfect for any cycling enthusiasts out there. Join us in finding what it takes to become an elite cyclist. Louis has worked as lead sports scientist with the highly successful British Cycling team preparing for a number of major events including […]

Science Game Shows Just How Hard It Is To Be Usain Bolt

We all do a bit of running, whether to a bus, to the shops, or away from an awkward encounter. But, have you ever thought about just how complicated the motion is? Well a game that has become all the rage on the internet will show you just how difficult it is. QWOP (named after the keys […]

Grunt, Set and Match

Today we will see Maria Sharapova finally step back onto centre court for the Wimbledon Ladies Final. Undeniably a pleasure to watch, the annoyingly loud ‘grunts’ that Sharapova is now famous for are much less pleasing on the ears. Reaching levels of up to 100db, Sharapova’s exhalations can be distracting for both viewer and her […]

From the editor – Summer 2010

by Adrian Giordani I, Science is back for one more run! And what an issue we have in store for you. If, like me, you’ve been enjoying the World Cup, take a breather from the disappointment and excitement, and pick up the latest I, Science issue. Read the exclusive interview I had with Dr. Simon […]