Are You a Social Network Junkie?

Things are all atwitter in the social networking sphere after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the risky decision to float a proportion of shares for the site last week. Although this may not have been as successful as planned, social networking sites are constantly accessible, incredibly popular and seem to be unavoidable. Following revelations earlier […]

The Spirit of TEDxImperialCollege

Andrew Shoben, greyworld Felix editor Matt Colvin looks back on an afternoon of technology, entertainment, design – and Victorian hats. What made TEDxImperialCollege special? It’s not often that one comes across the peculiar social dilemma of wondering whether or not to loudly applaud a video in a rather public environment. Luckily, in this case, any […]

The Eastern Social Network

Sina Weibo logo Social media has become more than a hobby for much of the western world, with many users updating and sharing information so openly as to get in trouble with neighbours, partners, friends, and even employers. This phenomenon has spread to the east, where Twitter-rivalling microblogging networking site Sina Weibo captivates users in […]

Is Online Me The Real Me?

There are two moments that have inspired this post, the first was the launch of Google+, and the resultant birth of another on-line version of my persona. The second was further back but, it was a moment where I expected there to be some kind of confetti, and at the very least a fanfare of sorts, but […]

Brewing knowledge

Science cafés are forums where scientists discuss or debate on topical and thought provoking scientific issues with the public in a relaxed, informal and accessible way. Held at coffee houses or restaurants or any other informal setting, the cafes are known for their informality and friendly atmosphere and are a good way of getting people […]

Unpopularity contest

To the consternation of all downtrodden geeks, dweebs, sissies, melvins, Imperial students and nerds out there, those bullies who made your schooldays less than pleasant were probably more popular than you were. Research from the American Sociological Review has shown that, far from being thuggish, sociopathic bastards, they actually have an intricate network of friends. […]

A Very Social Revolution

Over recent days, many analysts have been quick to highlight the prominent role that social media technology has played in driving the Tunisian revolution. Of course, Twitter is already widely acknowledged to have played a role in the 2009 Iranian election protests and amateur videos posted online in 2007 allowed the world to see the […]

I, Science Editor interviews Simon Singh

by Adrian Giordani The Editor of I, Science managed to get hold of Dr. Simon Singh to talk about the recent success in his libel case with the BCA (British Chiropractic Association) and his views on libel law and science communication.   What does the positive outcome of your libel case mean for science communication […]

I, Science vs Ben Goldacre

Adrian Giordani and Ben Kolb – April 2010 After a little harassment on Twitter, Ben Goldacre, the practising doctor, Guardian columnist, author and ‘nerd cheerleader’ took some time out to chat on the phone to the Adrian Giordani, Editor of I, Science and Ben Kolb about journalism, science communication and what’s next for Bad Science. […]