Flickr Bug

Budding entomologists might want to think about casting aside butterfly net and pooter. A paper published in ZooKeys last week reports the discovery of a new species of lacewing, Semachrysa jade. But the unusual thing about this new insect was that it was first spotted not in the field but on Flickr. Insect biosystematist Shaun […]

Are You a Social Network Junkie?

Things are all atwitter in the social networking sphere after Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took the risky decision to float a proportion of shares for the site last week. Although this may not have been as successful as planned, social networking sites are constantly accessible, incredibly popular and seem to be unavoidable. Following revelations earlier […]

The Spirit of TEDxImperialCollege

Andrew Shoben, greyworld Felix editor Matt Colvin looks back on an afternoon of technology, entertainment, design – and Victorian hats. What made TEDxImperialCollege special? It’s not often that one comes across the peculiar social dilemma of wondering whether or not to loudly applaud a video in a rather public environment. Luckily, in this case, any […]