At the frontline: the fight to curb Zika before Rio 2016

With Rio 2016 Olympics less than 70 days away, Marianne Guenot speaks to leading research scientists about the work being done to curb the Zika virus outbreak.

Social vs Natural science: which is harder? (…to pronounce)

Can you pronounce acrocephalosyndactyly? Do you know what logorrhoea is? Watch the natural and the social scientists battle it out with these tongue twisters.

Andy Franzkowiak and New Atlantis

As New Atlantis, the new immersive theatre experience gets ready to launch, Connie Orbach and Neil Stoker interview creative Producer Andy Franzkowiak about working with scientists, and engaging people at a deeper level with important scientific issues.

A Peek at the Pairing Scheme

Since it featured on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme, The Royal Society’s Parliamentary Pairing Scheme has seen increased media attention, not all of which has been positive. Alex Smith, a sociologist at the University of Warwick, questioned the credibility of the scheme in an article on the Making Science Public blog. This was recently republished […]