London SciComm Social

Interested in science communication? Want to meet some like-minded folk, share your work, gossip and try out ideas? Following the lead of our friends in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and across the UK we thought it might be fun to have an open pub evening for anyone from the scicomm world to meet up. Our venue […]

London SciComm Symposium

In September 2015 we started the London SciComm Socials as a chance for science communicators* from across London to get together. On 28th April we want to provide a more formal chance for people across the sector to share their work and their ideas, to look for themes that link us all up and projects […]

Scanning the Horizon: space travel through the ages

Over the last 52 years BBC’s Horizon programme has been documenting the cutting-edge of science, technology and how it effects our lives. From Frank Oppenheimer to Carl Sagan and DNA to dinosaurs it has brought us stories from the frontline and continues to innovate. We’ll get unique access to clips from the Horizon vaults to watch how science and […]

London SciComm Social

New to all this? Well, if you are interested in science communication, and want to meet some like-minded folk, share your work, gossip and try out ideas, you should definitely join the London SciComm Social. Following the lead of SciCommers in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and across the UK they thought it might be fun to have […]

Science with a million people

Join Chris Lintott for an exploration of the past, present and future of citizen science and discover the power of people behind it. Scientists are drowning in data, but an increasing number are asking for help. Through ‘citizen science’ projects, volunteers have discovered galaxies, found planets, hunted for aliens and explored the Earth’s wild places. […]

Bubbles and Science

Is it possible to use knowledge of bubbles to examine something as large as the global ocean? Dr Helen Czerski says that we can, and believes that there are parallels between this and how we share science with the public. Join her for a fascinating exploration of bubble physics and science communication.

People-powered science: citizen science in the 19th and 21st centuries

From classifying the cosmos to tracking British bees, citizen science has captivated the imagination of the British public; online platforms such as Zooniverse have over 1 million participants. But, you might be surprised to hear that this isn’t a new thing. Long before the internet put data at our fingertips, researchers capitalised on the power of many.

Cerebral Soiree

Science Communication events have become fairly prolific in the UK. Often in some edgy bar, usually with the same crowd of committed science fans. So it was (admittedly) with a little jadedness that I took myself last week to The Proud Archivist in East London for Cerebral Soiree, the latest offering from the London Brain […]

Science Museum Lates

The Science Museum’s Lates is a free night for adults that takes place on the last Wednesday of the month. Lates have a different theme each month, spanning issues as far apart as sex, alcohol and climate change.

Andy Franzkowiak and New Atlantis

As New Atlantis, the new immersive theatre experience gets ready to launch, Connie Orbach and Neil Stoker interview creative Producer Andy Franzkowiak about working with scientists, and engaging people at a deeper level with important scientific issues.