Medical Magic in Mushrooms?

Ingredients in magic mushrooms may have profound therapeutic potential in the treatment of psychological disorders, but under current UK law, it’s almost impossible to study them. We ask Professor David Nutt where scientists can get their hands on some…

Material Miracles

Much of the technology we take for granted would have seemed miraculous even 30 years ago. The majority of these technological breakthroughs are based on developments in the fabrication of new materials. This lecture will highlight some examples of the ways materials have influenced he modern world and go on to explain the current research […]

New insights: the health of Julius Caesar

Cassius: But soft, I pray you. What, did Caesar swound?
Casca: He fell down in the market place and foamed at mouth and was speechless.
Brutus: ‘Tis very like. He hath the falling sickness.

Elly Magson investigates Julius Caesar’s malady, 2000 years on.

Bright Club

Pop down to the Bloomsbury Theatre for a night of intelligent comedy. Join a host of researchers and two brilliant comedians for daft data, language laughs and incredible anecdotes that will have you rolling in the aisles.