UK Research and Innovation: Visions for 2030

The national Academies are hosting a series of four Policy Lab events considering the landscape for UK research and innovation after the 2015 Spending Review. This event will look ahead to 2030 to consider what UK research and innovation could achieve in the future, and what it would take to get there. The outcomes of the 2015 […]

An Audience with Sir Mark Walport

Sir Mark Walport is the current Government Chief Scientific Adviser and is responsible for providing scientific advice to the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet, advising the government on aspects of policy on science and technology, and ensuring and improving the quality and use of scientific evidence and advice in government. He is the former Director […]

How (not) to give policy advice: Modelling Bluetongue

Bluetongue is a viral disease of cattle and sheep transmitted by Culicoides biting midges, which has recently emerged in Europe. This talk will describe the modelling work done at Pirbright to understand the spread and control of this disease, considering some of the pitfalls involved in using models to give policy advice when the models […]