2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Nearly 50,000 entries from 95 countries were considered for this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. The prestigious prize, now in its 52nd year, was given to American photographer Tim Laman at a ceremony in London’s Natural History Museum last night, for his picture Entwined lives. The photograph, which he took remotely using a […]

Life through a lens: Celebrating science photography

Join the Royal Society for an evening celebrating science photography as they unveil the winners of the inaugural Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition. Sophie Stafford, wildlife magazine editor and photography expert, will chair our panel comprising photographers David Maitland and Neil Aldridge, and ecologist Claire Spottiswoode. Listen as our speakers discuss their experience of capturing nature and the importance of images in […]

Light and Dark Matters: Instagram Light Project with Oliver Lang

How does light transform through photography? Mobile photography has become a global medium and an established form of visual communication. In the lead up to Light and Dark Matters, Oliver Lang invites you and your mobile phone camera to capture the transformational effects of light and share them on Instagram. In a special event, a selection […]

Wildlife photos of the year

The Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is currently running at the Natural History Museum. It showcases the very best images of the natural world in an amazing backlit cinematic display. The 100 award winning images on show have been selected from 1000’s of international entries. Winning pictures are chosen above all for […]

Science Behind the Photo #43

Taken from Issue 21. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this photo was an intricate model of a train set – but you would be mistaken. It is, in fact, a photograph of a life-sized DART train in Dublin, combined with some post-production magic to fool us into thinking it is tiny. This effect, known […]

Science Behind the Photo #36

In issue 19 of I, Science, “Unexplored Worlds”, we feature the work of x-ray artist Hugh Turvey. The full interview with Hugh is published here. PL: What drew you to pursue x-ray as a medium for your artwork? HT: I trained as a photographer and I love film and in 1996 I started experimenting with […]

High Society Rules

Fifteen stops on the Piccadilly line did nothing to shake off the twinges of my subtle hangover. The bracing air on the short walk from King’s Cross to the Wellcome Collection picked me up a bit, and the calm, quiet exhibition space brought the world back into full focus. How appropriate that I was visiting […]