Who’s responsible?

The concept of ‘responsibility’ is one that crosses the boundaries of science and art, culture and business. From a doctor’s responsibility towards their patient, to the responsibility of a writer to their characters, to one generation’s responsibility to the next, this simple term throws up a host of moral and ethical issues. Bonnie Greer and Hugh Montgomery will discuss […]

Does Science Have All the Answers?

Modern science has provided answers to questions once thought impertinent for human beings to investigate. Among them, ‘What causes earthquakes and natural disasters?’, ‘Where does human life begin?’, and ‘Do we have free will?’. But when does the triumph of science become triumphalism? What are the limits of scientific inquiry, and does it leave any […]

Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Debate

James Ladyman and Raymond Tallis address the motion, ‘Human Nature is Better Understood Through Science Than Through Philosophical And Artistic Reflection’. Evolutionary biology, psychology and brain science have all made astonishing progress over recent decades.  Sociology, economics and cognitive science have become increasingly sophisticated and detailed.  Do these developments mean that we are coming closer […]