Deaf Men Dancing and Francesca Martinez’s Wobbly Manifesto

Dance company ‘Deaf Men Dancing’ and comedian Francesca Martinez present new works specially created as part of ‘Exceptional & Extraordinary’ project which combines the collections of medical museums with the work of performers and artists from the disability arts world. LET US TELL YOU A STORY Let Us Tell You A Story…is a new, highly […]

Under the Skin Taxidermy Late

Fancy something a little bit different this weekend? Come visit the Grant Museum of Zoology for our special late opening Under the Skin Taxidermy Late. The evening will feature live taxidermy by ethical taxidermist Jazmine Miles-Long and an exclusive viewing of the film short Walter Potter: The Man Who Married Kittens. Our pop-up bar will […]

Lates at the Natural History Museum

This month the Lates is themed around ‘nature at its most extreme.’ Highlights include: Museum scientist Richard Sabin taking you on a gallery tour of the largest and toughest mammals in the world. A comedic take on the extremes of nature with the improvised theatre of The Wunderkammer, and hear from Museum experts. Chili peppers: Turning […]

Natural History Museum: After-School Club for Grown-Ups

Channel your inner child at an event that will take you back to your formative years. Explore the Museum after hours, take part in games and learn about the natural world. Activities will include a torch-lit trail of Museum galleries, a dinosaur T-shirt making class and a treasure hunt. The Silent School Disco is the […]

Dogs in Space

The Cosmonauts exhibition features the first canine space travellers. Visitors can see the type of Sputnik cabin Laika the dog lived in during her brief spaceflight in 1957. It also celebrates the flight of Belka and Strelka, whose safe return to Earth in 1960 paved the way for Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering human flight one year […]

Skeletons in the Closet: The Grant Museum

Continuing the Hunterian Museum’s Lunchtime Lecture series is this talk by Jack Ashby, Museum Manager of the Grant Museum of Zoology at University College London. The Grant Museum is one of the country’s oldest and best stocked natural history museums. Jack will tell its eclectic history, discussing both the highs ( museum’s controversial founder Robert Grant […]

Art Meets Science Library Tour

With more than one million items, some of which date back to the fifteenth century, the Museum’s Earth Sciences Library is considered one of the world’s greatest natural history collections. This tour will bring the BBC Radio 4 series Natural Histories to life, with library experts explaining how art and science have transformed our understanding […]

Glass Creatures of the Sea

Created in the 1800’s by the father and son team of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka, the glass models of invertebrates housed at the Grant Museum are a unique blend of art, science and craftsmanship. Join Natural History Museum Curator Miranda Lowe and scientific glassblower Stephen Ramsey as they explore the importance and use of these […]

Are We Destined to Live in Space

The cultural roots of the Russian space programme were in cosmological and mystical thinking, and in the belief that humanity’s destiny was to colonise the cosmos. In our own era, the motivations of nations and private companies to initiate and maintain space projects are just as varied and complex. Geopolitical positioning and colonisation, the search for extra-terrestrial life, […]

Strange Creatures at Night

Come visit the Grant Musuem of Zoology for a very special late opening of the new Strange Creatures: the art of unknown animal exhibition. Join us for an evening of art, performance, games and live taxidermy over a glass of wine or beer to take another look at the natural world.

Show ‘n’ Tell: Dinosaurs

Find out more about co-curator of UCL’s Strange Creature’s exhibition, Andrew Cuff’s cutting edge research reconstructing dinosaurs from just the fossils of these extinct giant reptiles.