Why Conduct Experiments in Space?

The Soyuz MS-02 rocket launch on Wednesday 19th October in Kazakhstan. A very similar rocket took Tim Peake and Time Ronke up to the ISS in 2015 (Source: NASA/Joel Kowsky) It’s been a big week for space – with a mars rover crash landing, a successful launch of three new astronauts to join the team […]

Ri Lates: Surviving in space

Fifty years since the first space probe landed on the moon, Ri Lates will be exploring space, from the rocket fuel that propels us and the life of an astronaut to the scientific advances our journeys in space have given rise to. What’s life like on the ISS? How do our modern lives depend on […]

Aurora: Delights and Delusions

This article is taken from the Winter 2011 issue of I, Science. Richard Millar explains why the Aurora Borealis isn’t just a light-show. Throughout human history the Aurora Borealis has been an ever-mystical backdrop and inspiration to the life beneath. Whether you see the aurora as lights carried by Norse Valkyries as they ride across […]