Delusions of Gender

“In the darkness of the womb our brains are soaked in a cocktail of sex hormones.” Bentley Crudgington reviews a book on the complexities and science of gender.

Battle of the Sexes

Liger and male handler The battle of the sexes is as old as time itself. George Gilder commented that “differences between sexes are one of the most single important facts of human society”. These differences are also one of the most important foundations for human existence. Evolution has gradually crafted us from the humblest of […]

Grasping for attention

Collectors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are relatively tame, such as the humble stamp collectors and comic book hunters. Others are harder to understand. For example, Michael Lewis has a handsome collection of Moist Towelettes. Sergei Frolov has over 150 Soviet Calculators. Most bizarrely though, for 27 years Graham Barker has been scouring […]

Science is vital; this time for gender equality

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), in its 55th year, has, for the first time, put women in science and technology at the top of its agenda. It represents a realisation that improving the prospects for women scientists will be crucial for improving all aspects of life for women across the […]

Stereotypic sex roles penetrate scientific literature

Could a 1950s attitude to gender roles be stunting animal behaviour research? A recent study published online by the journal Animal Behaviour has found extensive stereotyping of sex roles throughout the research literature of sexual conflict: portraying males as active and females as reactive. Sexual conflict refers to adaptations produced by one sex that are […]

Ich bin bloggerin…Je suis blogueure…Soy bloguera…

Unlike speakers of many other languages, English speakers are, perhaps, fortunate in being able to utter the words “I am a blogger”, without identifying themselves with a particular gender. Nevertheless, it would seem that there are still major issues surrounding gender in UK science blogging. And primary amongst these is undoubtedly the lack of females […]

Down in the dumps

If you men out there have just broken up with your girlfriend, you will probably hear the platitude “time is the greatest healer”. Given enough time you will be able to forget that old flame and move on to someone better. Science has, unfortunately, shown this to be nothing but empty words. According to the Journal […]

Deep voices and shallow personalities

Why is it that Barry White is seen as a quivering mass of concentrated sexiness, yet poor Joe Pasquale is resigned to the shallow end of the genetic swimming pool? Well, new research, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, has shown that men with deep and manly voices are more likely to be judged as […]

Mean Girls

Why are men always viewed as the more competitive? You hear stories about men cutting each other’s throat for the only promotion, fighting each other in a pub car park or trying to outdo one other at the urinals (none of which I will admit to having done). Well, one study at least has come […]