The Good Life really is good for you

Perhaps it’s the recession but British allotments are flourishing in the most recent revival of the community garden. Increasing numbers of city folk are taking matters into their own hands in the latest quest for fresh, local produce. New research from the University of Colorado Denver shows that community gardening is good for both emotional […]

The Forest Garden

It is quite fashionable these days to be seen to care for the environment. Celebrities, corporations, even the Conservative party are all keen to emphasise their green credentials. Most of the time, however, their efforts are all but tokenistic – perhaps taking a few less private jets a year. Their efforts are put to shame […]

Guerrilla Gardening

What the hell is ‘guerrilla gardening’? Although the term was first coined in New York in the seventies, ‘guerrilla gardeners’ have actually been active in the UK since the 17th century. Put simply, ‘guerrilla gardeners’ are people who garden other people’s land without permission. The motivations for doing this can be diverse: the ‘guerrillas’ may […]