You Mars be joking

When Giovanni Schiaparelli tilted his telescope towards Mars in 1877, he was hardly expecting to answer one of humanity’s enduring questions: are we alone in the Universe? Yet, what he found sparked almost a century of heated debate about whether he had done just that. The Italian observed a series of long, straight lines, or […]

Podcast: Episode 3 – Lift off

Science writer and producer Piers Bizony takes a retrospective look at NASA’s Space Shuttle Program, astrobiologist Lewis Dartnell discusses space bacteria and the possibility of extra-terrestrial life and we ask Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees if we’ve any hope of getting to the red planet. Presented by Thea Cunningham and featuring reporters Camila Ruz, Thomas […]

Martian Musings

It’s getting a bit hot down here; climate change, political conflict and whatnot. Fancy relocating to Mars? It’s only 36 million miles away, about a nine month journey using a minimum energy trajectory. No problem, surely? Of course, nine months is a long time to be exposed to solar radiation, which can cause damage to […]

Yin and Yang

by Adrian Giordani What do alien life and pregnancy tests have in common? These concepts seem worlds apart but UK scientists have been performing technological alchemy with instruments designed to search for life on Mars. The ExoMars mission is the first attempt to locate organic material from samples one to two metres just below the […]