Science Behind the Photo #2

Dung beetles ( Scarabaeidae) Dung beetles are seriously under threat as a result of coextinction (where a species is lost as a result of the extinction of another). In the case of the dung beetle the threat of extinction is an indirect consequence of the decline in the numbers of large mammals as a result […]

Science Behind the Photo #1

Painted Lady (Cynthia cardui) Almost a third of butterflies in Europe are in decline and one in ten is threatened with extinction. This also has a severe knock-on effect for the plant species which rely on butterflies for pollination. A recent report by Natural England has found that that the number of butterflies in the […]

Humans = Lemmings?

We may have the technological solutions to help fight environmental change and create a sustainable society, but do we have the right psychology? Anna Perman investigates Aren’t humans clever? We have colonised every corner of the world, and created a global community. It is the large and magnificently organised human brain which has enabled us […]