An Evening with Sir Alec Jeffreys

A unique opportunity to hear Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys FRS Hon FRSB give a first-hand account of how he developed DNA fingerprinting after a ‘Eureka moment’ in his Leicestershire lab back in 1984. This very special fundraising event at the Science Museum’s IMAX theatre, will give guests the inside story on Sir Alec’s famous discovery, […]

My Cancer, My DNA: can genomics change the way we treat cancer?

What can your DNA tell you about your risk of developing cancer? What could it reveal about the best way to treat cancers? Could we be entering a future where cancer treatment is based your unique genetic makeup, and that of your cancer? Meet the people trying to answer these questions, and pose your own, at Eighty […]

Scanning the Horizon: space travel through the ages

Over the last 52 years BBC’s Horizon programme has been documenting the cutting-edge of science, technology and how it effects our lives. From Frank Oppenheimer to Carl Sagan and DNA to dinosaurs it has brought us stories from the frontline and continues to innovate. We’ll get unique access to clips from the Horizon vaults to watch how science and […]

Scibar: A Night of Microscopic Proportions

When he’s not swabbing beards for bacteria on BBC’s “Trust me, I’m a Doctor” or getting members of the public to search for new antibiotics through his Swab and Send project, Adam Roberts leads his research group at UCL who are investigating the intricacies of antimicrobial resistance and how bacteria can withstand pretty much anything […]

Herding Hemingway’s Cats: How do our genes work?

The language of genes has become common in the media. We know they make your eyes blue, your hair curly or your nose straight. We’re told that genes control the risk of cancer, heart disease, alcoholism or Alzheimer’s. The cost of DNA sequencing has plummeted from billions of pounds to a few hundred, and gene-based […]

Herding Hemingway’s Cats: How do our genes work?

We’ve all heard of genes, but how do they actually work? Geneticist Kat Arney and her scientific guests will draw on stories ranging from six-toed cats to fish hips, exploring how DNA is packed, unpacked and read. Kat will be talking to epigeneticist Professor Anne Ferguson-Smithfrom Cambridge University and Dr Ben Lehner, Group Leader at the Centre […]

Genome regulation and the epigenome

Our DNA contains tens of thousands of individual genes that encode vital information responsible for the biological activities necessary for life. Most tissues in our body carry out very specialized processes which ultimately require that specific subsets of genes are used in the right place and at the right time. Join Professor Klose to learn […]

London LASER 12

London LASER puts on evening talks at the intersection of art, science and technology. This November, London LASER hosts project collaborators from Silent Signal, a Wellcome trust funded project that brings together six artists and six scientists to create experimental animations that immerse the viewer in the networked worlds of organic communication. Bentley Crudgington will provide an overview to […]

The Story of Life

How was the code of DNA cracked? How did it confirm the theory of evolution? And why did life evolve the way it did? To celebrate their ground-breaking new books, Matthew Cobb and Nick Lane will come together to unravel the tangled story of DNA and answer the vital question: why are we as we are, and why are we here at all?