Skeletons in the Closet: The Grant Museum

Continuing the Hunterian Museum’s Lunchtime Lecture series is this talk by Jack Ashby, Museum Manager of the Grant Museum of Zoology at University College London. The Grant Museum is one of the country’s oldest and best stocked natural history museums. Jack will tell its eclectic history, discussing both the highs ( museum’s controversial founder Robert Grant […]

‘Evolution and atheism: best friends forever?’, with Jerry Coyne | The Darwin Day Lecture 2016

The Darwin Day Lecture 2016 will be delivered by Professor Coyne, and chaired by Professor Richard Dawkins. About Jerry Coyne Jerry A. Coyne, Ph.D is a Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago and a member of both the Committee on Genetics and the Committee on Evolutionary Biology. Coyne received a […]

Cuckoos and their victims: An evolutionary arms race

The sight of a little warbler feeding an enormous cuckoo chick has astonished observers since ancient times. It was once thought that cuckoos were unable to raise their own young because of defective anatomy and behaviour, and so other birds were only too delighted to help them. This quaint view was overturned by Darwin, who suggested that the cuckoos’ parasitic habits were advantageous and that their host species were tricked.

Original Sin: Selfish Genes?

Darwin’s Origin of Species was not the only landmark literature to be published in the late 19th century; it was framed by contrasting books considering the moral behaviour of man. One Self Help considered humans to be so flawed and innately immoral that the only way to achieve goodness was to remove all traces of […]

Happy Birthday Charlie

I have always found the idea of continuing to celebrate someone’s birthday after they have died a rather strange concept. However, for Charles Darwin I can make an exception. Today is his 202nd birthday and so celebrations are definitely in order. For those of you who live under a rock, Charles Darwin came up with […]