Science Museum Lates: Cosmonauts

It’s that time of the month again! Join the Science Museum in celebrating the innovation and legacy of the Russian space programme. Check out the museum’s resident comedy team, Punk Science. They’ve teamed up with some of the funniest and most interesting people around to entertain and probably educate you with demonstrations of scientific concepts, curious theories and […]

Human spaceflight: Is it worth the money and risk?

As the Science Museum celebrates the birth of the Space Age with its landmark Cosmonauts exhibition, Roger Highfield hosts a discussion with the UK’s first astronaut Helen Sharman, Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, space scientist Monica Grady and The Sky at Night’s Chris Lintott. Does the low cost and practicality of robotic probes now outweigh the inspirational […]

The Future of Flight

As the Science Museum prepares for their next major exhibition, focusing on the unique mechanical designs of Leonardo Da Vinci – one of history’s greatest curious minds – this event asks what the future of flight could look like. This one-off panel event takes Leonardo’s innovative and skilled approach to the design of flying machines, based on his observations of […]