Multiple Kittens, Polydactyl Mittens

Welcome to The Dog & Pony Show! Let’s talk about cats. Not all cats are created equal. A couple of days ago, the BBC posted an article about a pair of polydactyl kittens. (If you’re wildly picturing a chimera of cat and pterosaur, you’ve headed off in the wrong direction. Come back.) Polydactyly is an […]

The Subtle Parasite

It’s the start of a warm summer’s day in London, and a young man gets into his car to drive to work. Amongst the bustle of traffic, a pedestrian runs onto the road – the young man sees this, but does not react fast enough. The car swerves, bumps into the pavement, and he wakes […]

Lost Leopard of Zanzibar

Zanzibar has a missing leopard. There is an entire species that has gone astray. Panthera pardus adesi is or was a species endemic to Zanzibar. Smaller than its mainland relatives the leopard hasn’t been seen by researchers since the mid-90s. According to many zoologists it is extinct; according to the Zanzibar tourism industry it is […]