Bacteria Light Lab

Enter into the Bacteria Light Lab. Bask in the light of bioluminescent bacteria, learn about the quantum effects of light in whole-genome sequencing, investigate historical heliotherapy and modern cutting-edge laser light treatments to combat infection, create your own light-reactive bacteria ‘pet’, and vote in a bacteria beauty contest.

Revenge of the microbes (Friday Evening Discourse)

Bacteria are our ancient enemies, evolving ever more clever ways of outmanoeuvring our natural defences and scientific technologies. For millennia, a simple cut or cough could kill. With the development of antibiotics, it seemed we would reign supreme. But now the bacteria are gaining ground.

The World’s Got Rhythm, Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms run the biological world like clockwork. Madeleine Hurry explains how they work, from the genes in a bacterium to the human brain

Creating Spiderman

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the cinema to watch The Amazing Spider-Man. When the words “DNA” and “recombination” popped up during the film, I got excited and started thinking. I later asked myself: In reality, how close are we to creating artificial hybrid species? Let’s briefly revisit the idea of Spider-Man, a.k.a. Peter Parker. Parker […]