The invisible night sky

Gazing at the night sky with our eyes or telescopes reveals twinkling stars and far away galaxies. But visible light is only a small part of what some of these objects are emitting. Join astrophysicist Jen Gupta to discover views of the Universe at other wavelengths, from familiar objects like our Sun to weird and […]

Einstein in the 21st Century

To Einstein science provided not only a means for understanding the behaviour of the universe but also a foundation for considering the deeper questions of life. A century after the publication of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which totally transformed our understanding of space, time and gravity, and thus the entire physics of the universe, […]

The oldest light in the universe

In the International Year of Light, join astrophysicist Roberto Trotta to discover what the oldest light in the cosmos, the luminous echo of the Big Bang itself, can tell us about the fundamental nature of the Universe