Diary of a Researcher: Recreating the conditions of space at our fingertips

In part 3 of our Diary of a Researcher series, we take a look at how Imperial physicists are recreating the conditions of space, on Earth.

Einstein in the 21st Century

To Einstein science provided not only a means for understanding the behaviour of the universe but also a foundation for considering the deeper questions of life. A century after the publication of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which totally transformed our understanding of space, time and gravity, and thus the entire physics of the universe, […]

Telescopes of the future: Bringing the Universe into focus (Friday Evening Discourse)

As our exploration of the cosmos continues apace, the observatories of the future, in space and on the ground, will cast light on some of the biggest scientific questions we face today: how the Universe came into being, how it evolved into its present state, and whether life could exist on other planets.