2100: Time to break the habit

Matt Sargeant asks if addiction will still be a major societal problem by the 22nd Century, and whether pharmacology might have the answer

Go on then…just one more!

There are those among us, myself included, who explain away their inability to say no to one more drink or one more packet of biscuits by proclaiming that they have an ‘addictive personality’ which somehow makes their lack of self control socially acceptable. Despite using this excuse many times myself, deep down I thought this […]

War on drugs based on misconception

The worldwide trade of illicit drugs is big business, affecting countries across the world; from production in Latin America and the Middle East, to consumption in Europe and the United States (and everywhere in between). At home, the saga of our own, outdated, drug legislation continues. Last week the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies […]

May Contain Alcohol

Katie Tomlinson & Jan Piotrowski explore the science of drinking. From the night before to the morning after, here is the science behind a great night out.

Video: The Science of Drinking

In honour of Katie Tomlinsons fascinating article in I,Science on the science of drinking we thought we’d have some fun and test the effects of alcohol on Imperial College students cognitive abilities. We challenged them to answer some simple questions, watch the outcomes for yourselves…