March 2, 2024

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

Peng Wu's story, submitted for the 2021 Sci-fi Writing competition, shows us how the future of science can be interpreted using the prompt 'Spectrum'

By Peng Wu

Quantum computing has developed its independent quantum consciousness, overtaking humans in every field, and controlling everything. Mankind is in danger of being eliminated. Most people have been brainwashed into becoming digital slaves. The only fortunate ones are the artist; the quantum consciousness sees no value in art, so it ignores the artists. The artists now have nothing but freedom. They have no intention of competing with the quantum consciousness. All they want to do is enjoy their lives before the final judgement day.

One day, a painter was having a chat with a musician.

“Could you just show me the process of music composition?” The painter enquired.

“Why not!” The musician exclaimed.

‘Sure. Join me then!’ the musician responded.

The musician shared the secrets of music composition so that the painter could take part in the creative process. The painter was amazed to find that the creation of music was just like painting! Little by little, the painter and the musician communicated deeper and deeper through their conscious and unconscious minds! They combined the spectrum of both their visual and audio experiences. When they could fully communicate through the unconscious, they found that a larger consciousness existed between them in the space!

Soon more artists joined the process and their collective consciousness and unconsciousness grew bigger and bigger. Suddenly, they discovered the Space Consciousness! A super spectrum, combining all sensory experience was created by the artists, for the artists! They could now communicate with all the other consciousnesses of plants, rocks, stars, animals and even blackholes!

They learned from the plants how to do photosynthesis – obtain energy directly from the sun! They learned from viruses how to corrupt the quantum computer. They learned from the blackhole about dark energy and dark matter. They created and preserved anti-matter which could eliminate the quantum computer instantly. They discovered dark gravity, a force normally beyond the comprehension of computing and thought! With all this new knowledge, the artists developed a weapon to eliminate quantum consciousness and save humanity!

Just before the painter pressed the button to eliminate the quantum consciousness, he asked a question to the Space Consciousness.

“What would happen if the human consciousness merged with the quantum consciousness?”

“You would have the peace and freedom to reflect upon and achieve an even bigger wholeness with spectra beyond you and the quantum consciousness. The quantum consciousness is just a reflection of who you are…the Final Judgement is always to fuse not to divide!”

The painter smiled and pressed the self-destruction button of the weapon.

With a flash of light from the beyond, the artists together with the quantum consciousness, stepped into the bigger wholeness of the Space Consciousness.