I, Science Radio – 21th April 2019

Listeners may remember that last term a group of us who took Gareth Mitchell’s radio theory course fell in love with radio drama and even dramatised live on air a section of County Lines the drama we were analysing for our assessment. Our appetites whetted we then wanted more and decided that the easter break was a perfect time to try out making radio dramas from the short stories which were written for Felicity Mellor’s narrative class. And on today’s programme we aired two of our very own radio dramas written, scripted, acted and produced all by the I,Science team at Imperial. Our first drama started with the lift off for the 10th Challenger Space-shuttle launch. Written by Katy Pallister and produced by Tristan Varela the story is called Three Two One. Our second drama was a personal story from Rachel Ng’s childhood involving her first and last pet, a goldfish. Written and scripted by Rachel, produced by Rachel and Celeste Nilges. Listen again here: http://www.icradio.com/replay/live/231632

Banner image: Space Shuttle, NASA

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