August 11, 2022

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

Dog bites, cultured meat and progress in creating an artificial pancreas.

This week all our items relate in some way to our health. 8th July marked the beginning of Dog awareness week when postal and delivery workers remind us to keep dogs in another room when someone knocks on the door with a delivery. Hilary looked behind the reality of recent upward trends in dog bites and found out what happens when someone is bitten by man’s best friend. Katy Pallister looked into the future of cultured meat and Jason went on a personal journey to find out about progress being made by the University of Cambridge into creating an artificial pancreas

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This week’s I, Science Radio show was hosted by Hilary Guite, and produced by Jason Hosken. We joined by guests Katy Pallister and Gina Degtyareva.

Banner image: Ellsworth Dog Bite, Wikicommons