April 15, 2024

I, Science

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Adrian G – April 2010

‘Happy Belated Easter’ and welcome back from a well deserved break. Whatever you were doing; revising, eating chocolate, catching up with old friends or making new ones, get ready for an exciting new edition of I, Science! We are a little late in reaching you this term, but as the saying goes; better late than never.

While it’s been a few weeks since Easter I thought it important to enlighten you with a range of special features, before the exam stress sets in. Find out about what caused Easter Island’s demise, the top sci-fi TV shows as voted by you, what the El Salvadoran Environment Minister had to say about climate change and what the three R’s are all about. Our exciting main stories include London’s Swingers and the human story behind the Royal Society. We also have an exclusive, in which we interviewed British doctor and ‘Bad Science’ author Ben Goldacre – read on to see who came out on top in ‘Ben versus Ben’. So take a break from revision, pick up our magazine, and let us entertain and educate you with the latest science news and features. You can also just have a dabble with I, Science Sudoku on the back page.

Check out the latest in science communication on our website at http://dougal.union.ic.ac.uk/media/iscience/. If you would like to voice your constructive comments or criticisms about this issue or for any other questions please email i.science@imperial.ac.uk or post them on Twitter: @I_science_mag.

I also wish to thank our sponsors for making this issue possible and all our proof-reading, illustrating, production and writing staff for their energetic contributions. This may well be the last issue of the academic year; hopefully we’ll be able to get one more out in the summer so keep your eyes peeled. But if we don’t, it’s been a pleasure, and from me and the rest of the current team – it’s been emotional.