Brian Cox presents Science Matters – Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

Join Professor Brian Cox, the Royal Society Professor of Public Engagement, as he brings together experts on AI and machine learning to discuss key issues that will shape our future. Panelists will include: Professor Jon Crowcroft, Marconi Professor of Networked Systems at the University of Cambridge Professor Joanna Bryson, Fellow at the Center for Information Technology […]

2016 Francis Crick prize lecture

2016 Francis Crick prize lecture given by Dr Madan Babu Mohan The Francis Crick lecture is given annually in any field in the biological sciences. Dr Madan Babu Mohan was awarded the 2016 Francis Crick lecture for his major and widespread contributions to computational biology. Dr Madan Babu Mohan heads the Regulatory Genomics and Systems Biology group […]

Fiction Lab: All The Light We Cannot See

Jennifer Rohn of hosts the monthly book club dedicated to great fiction books with a science theme. If you’re an interested reader who has something to say, then come along. The format of Fiction Lab is simple. All you need to do is check this webpage for the book choice, read the book beforehand […]

The science of everyday life

In this brilliant scientific tour of household science, BBC1 One Show resident scientist, writer and all-round Science Bloke Dr Marty Jopson addresses conundrums such as: What really makes cakes rise? Why do soap bubbles burst? And how you get the quartz out of a clock using a hammer? Answers will be provided, electrical devices dismantled […]

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

Join the Royal Society  for their annual  exploration of cutting edge science and state of the art technology, as we host the UK’s most revolutionary research. Their free, week-long festival features 22 curated exhibits and a series of inspiring talks and activities for all ages (including an adults only Lates). Meet the scientists, discover something new […]

Is mental health in our genes?

What makes some people more susceptible to mental health conditions? A recent revolution in our genetic understanding of illnesses like schizophrenia and autism has produced some surprising insights. Join us to discover how new research in neuroscience could lead to better treatments and a more realistic view of mental health. Dr Liz Tunbridge is a […]

Lifting the lid: The Royal Society since 1960

The Royal Society may be one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious scientific bodies, but what has it done in the last 50 years? In post-war Britain science was growing and public interest was surging, but the Royal Society struggled to find a place for itself in this changing world. Its survival strategy was […]

Is chemistry really so difficult?

Chemistry has progressed in a way few outsiders appreciate. It underpins many other sciences; from genomics and molecular biology, food and sports science, through to cosmology and planetary science. Why hasn’t the public impression of chemistry evolved too?

From the editor – Spring 2010

Adrian G – April 2010 ‘Happy Belated Easter’ and welcome back from a well deserved break. Whatever you were doing; revising, eating chocolate, catching up with old friends or making new ones, get ready for an exciting new edition of I, Science! We are a little late in reaching you this term, but as the […]