March 2, 2024

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

This week, we are dedicating the show to discussing gendered violence in honour of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on 25th November. We are joined by Martha, a final year Medicine student with a degree in Women’s’ Health, whose dissertation research was on domestic violence against pregnant women. Our hosts also speak to Hayley, a doctor who works with patients who have been subjected to sexual assault. Lily, our producer, also has a turn in the studio, drawing on her research into historical evidence of domestic violence. No news round up this week, but there are plenty of empowering songs between the discussions.

Please be aware there are some potentially triggering topics during this episode.

This week’s episode was produced by Lily Hayward with host Polly Cohen and guests Martha Christodoulou and Dr Hayley Webb.