April 15, 2024

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

On this weeks show: the IGCC report on climate change; Dr Strickland's rejected Wikipedia page; peer review gone wrong; and rewilding projects in Scotland. Join us for some lighthearted conversations about science.

Here’s our second I,Science radio show of the year with a great team of first timers just nailing it!

We discuss the IGCC report on climate change. This dry sounding report is potentially life changing – it pulls together all the evidence about climate change and makes the point that if we go from 1.5 degree warming to 2 degree this is actually quite catastrophic. Moving on to the recent wonderful news that a female physicist has won a Nobel prize for physics but was rejected by Wikipedia for a webpage beforehand. Bad Wikepedia who we rely on so much for our essays and understanding what social scientists are on about. Next we talked about errors in science papers and how easy it is to get total fabricated crap published even through peer review. Particularly gender studies – we are there with you sisters but get your act together! Then we talked about rewilding. Introducing wolves back into parts of Scotland so they can control the deer population and humans don’t have to shoot bambi anymore. So controlling the deer population and drawing the tourists to see the wild wolves could be the making of parts of Scotland. Dodgy but might work.

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The I, Science Radio is presented by Hilary Guite and produced by Jason Hosken
This week’s show presenters are Andrew Dixon, Skylar Knight, Nur Pirbhai, and Dani Ellenby.

Banner image: radio broadcasting, Wikipedia.com