August 10, 2022

I, Science

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This week for our radio show we remember those who fought in wars around the globe. We discuss how war has affected science and how science has affected the war. Today’s show had Ryna as the presenter, Jacqui as a producer, with guest stars Billy Irving and Kenna Castleberry. Ryna she began the discussion with World War I, as we talked about Fritz Haber and Mustard Gas. We then moved to World War II and focused on Alan Turing, Project Pigeon, and the Atomic Bomb. Our show ended with the Cold War, discussing the Lockheed Martin U2 incident, the N1 rocket, and the launch of Sputnik.

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This week’s show was presented by Ryna Lau and produced by Jacqui Wakefield. Guest stars were Billy Irving and Kenna Castleberry. Banner photo from, top photo by Jacqui Wakefield, bottom photo by