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I, Science Radio – 12 Nov 2018

On this week’s show, we explored the implications of the banned Iceland Christmas advert, Imperial College’s groundbreaking space exploration and some blue-sky scientists’ research – growing cells in a lab, which could create life.

Interview with Professor Bruce Malamud

In our interview with Professor Malamud, we discussed his paper on how human interactions with the environment can unintentionally create natural hazards, such as landslides, earthquakes, and floods.

I, Science Radio – 22 Oct 2018

On this weeks show: an interview with the I, Science co-editor; the Imperial Late Greenovate Festival; the Purple Earth Hypothesis; and the conservation efforts paradox.

I, Science Radio – 8 Oct 2018

On this weeks show: the IGCC report on climate change; Dr Strickland’s rejected Wikipedia page; peer review gone wrong; and rewilding projects in Scotland. Join us for some lighthearted conversations about science.

I, Science Radio – 1 Oct 2018

Our first live radio show of the year was great fun talking about zombie ants, lying, bees, and the Nobel and Ig Nobel prizes. Join us for some lighthearted conversations about science.

Increasing funding for grammar schools won’t help disadvantaged students

Private tutoring means pupils from high-income families are more likely to get into grammar schools than equally bright pupils from low-income families.

I,Science Issue 40 Artwork

Following on from the great feedback we received for using reader artwork in previous issues, our Pictures Editor, Taryn Kalish, reached out to our readers again for their artistic input for our Summer 2018 issue, Endings. Below, we look at each piece more closely. We would like to thank all of our contributors for these wonderful […]