February 24, 2024

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

Following on from the great feedback we received for using reader artwork in previous issues, our Pictures Editor, Taryn Kalish, reached out to our readers again for their artistic input for our Summer 2018 issue, Endings.

Below, we look at each piece more closely.

We would like to thank all of our contributors for these wonderful pieces.

If you would like to be involved in contributing artwork for the next issue, please contact Taryn at tarynkalish23@gmail.com.

Cover: Clash of Civilisation by Pod Hughes

painting with ship and plants

Contents page: Female Black Bodies by Shannon Bono

naked bodies

Artwork description: Medium-Collage on paper | Date-2018 | Website-www.bono-art.com

The anatomical manipulation of these female black bodies re-appropriates its uses of the Western society in the 15th century and partially including contemporary conceptions. Choosing to only exhibit their bodies, not their heads or their identities is a direct reference to the exhibition of black female bodies in the past. I use the body for political agency and necessary representation for social change and the celebration of difference.

Olga Suchanova


Ouroboros by Yvonne Yen

person in a plastic bag

Description: A still image on a performance illustrating how the use of plastic may influence the life cycle of our future generation.

Sophie Moates


Sunset Grid by Nicolas Baird

photo collage of sunsets

A brick’s impression of Granary Square – rust by Rose Zhou

painting of structures

Description: This piece originates from a generative drawing created by feeding live video stream of the Granary Square to a custom software written in Processing.

Olga Suchanova

reflection in puddle

Now You See Me 1.1 by Maritina Keleri

kaleidoscope eyes in green

Description: The choice of eyes, as a theme in this stereogram, plays an important role, since this work is a pun about view. While the stereogramic 3D is visible the multiple gazes from the eyes look stronger; referring to Nietzsche’s quote ‘when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you’. In my mind the abyss refers to infinity as well, hence the seemingly endless repetition of them.

Olga Suchanova

light coming through storm photo

Inner Body: pattern #02 by Riko Yasumiya

triangle art

Description: Material: thread, plastic sheet.
It represents the beauty of human tissue with parallel lines and geometric pattern by thread.

Take me apart: Black Heart by Shannon Bono

art of the heart

Peels by Rose Zhou

charcoal of dried orange peels

Description: Peels is a drawing of dried orange peels.

Jonathan Neasham

black and white sketch of religion and science

Sophie Moates @sophiemoates

images of volcanoes and plants

Not VR but real by Tere Chadwick

messy apartment

MEDIA: Ready Made / Installation
YEAR: 2018
DESCRIPTION: This piece arises from the personal creative process of the artist, where she finds herself with the need of throwing away almost new products that fail because of programmed obsolescence. It is also a critic to the first world’s practice of paying countries like China to receive their trash. She has built up a dialogue with waste of her artworks and materials found at the Exposed Arts Projects. It is so easy to find trash, but so difficult to make it disappear… Is an invitation to disconnect for an instance from our smartphones and reflect upon what are we going to do in the physical world with all this waste?