Poor risk communication is tree-mendously worrying

I was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, and although I couldn’t wait to leave the place when I headed off to University, I have since come to love it in its own way. While Ipswich itself is a fairly bland place, my memories of the countryside around the town are pretty idyllic. I spent my 18th […]

Lords Question Breadth of PhDs

Innovation is valuable; that’s why the government places such great emphasis on it in their plan for economic growth. Usually, it’s hard to predict where the next big innovation might come from – and so traditionally, scientific research spreads its net wide, so as to maximise it chances of hitting on great discoveries. But the […]

Funding: Too Complex for MPs?

A pressure group called Science for the Future divided opinion among academic scientists in May when it held a satirical funeral in which the deceased was UK science. The wake was composed of 100 angry chemists and physicists. The group drove a black horse-drawn carriage to Downing Street and delivered a petition calling for an […]