Pain Less: the future of relief

We have all suffered the unpleasant sensation of pain, whether it’s caused by the intense throbbing of a stubbed toe or through deep emotional anguish. During years training as an elite artistic gymnast, I’ve experienced my fair share – after one awkward vault-landing my joints twanged and my back wailed. For seasons, I battled with […]

A history of dieting

On Wednesday 16th January, Alanna Orpen went to see the historian, writer and broadcaster, Dr. Louise Foxcroft, talk about her research on the history of dieting at the Wellcome Collection.  Here she tells us what she learnt… — Lord Byron; acclaimed English poet, influential literary figure and leading personality of the Romantic Period. But the […]

Death: A Self-portrait

In spite of all the uncertainties we face through life, the only inescapable and inevitable certainty is that one day our life will end. Understandably, the majority of us are afraid of death, yet it is a natural process in the circle of life. So is it not about time that we made our peace […]