August 17, 2022

I, Science

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On this week's show: transhumanism, post humanism and grinders.

We are joined this week by Paul Martynenko, who is the ‘Immediate past president’ of the British Computing Society. We talked about transhumanism – changing our bodies and our minds using technology to become super human beings. People who enhance their bodies with technology are known as Grinders. They use biohacking to enhance their physical selves, or to add new senses. For example adding the ability to your brain to perceive atmospheric pressure, or adding the ability to perceive magnetic fields. Both of these have been done, but the nirvana of transhumanism to upload your brain to a computer in a post-human world to transcend death seems to be a long way away, but as Paul said never say never. We talked about the practical and ethical problems of moving to a post-human form where we are merged with artificial intelligence and live potentially in eternity (as long as the programme upgrades don’t mess it all up). Thank you to Valentin for sharing his interview with Silvia Lazarris, which was first aired on Science at One.

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This week’s show presenters are Kathy Grenville, Skylar Knight, Juanita Bawagan, Gina Degtyareva, and Andrew Dixon


Banner image: Cyborg Robot Head, Pixabay