August 12, 2022

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

On this week's show: Women in STEM.

On 28th January, we had a 100% female panel much in contrast to the percentage of senior scientists that are female! We discussed the extent of the disparity between males and females in STEM higher education and in the workforce and outlined the leaky pipe problem. The panel shared their stories of how unequal gender makeup affected them at university. Some of the reasons for the disparity in STEM could be discrimination, sexism, a lack of representation and biased hiring practices. Statistics and stories about these reasons were quite shocking. We also discuss biological differences between men and women and why that’s a controversial argument. We touched on the gender pay gap. The episode ended with the panel each reading a bio of a female scientist they’d chosen as well as a quick round of Top Female Scientists a game invented by Exeter University students Hannah Wakeford and Simon Clark. You can find the game free here:

This week’s I, Science Radio show was hosted by Gina Degtyareva and produced by Kathy Grenville. We joined by guests Katrina Brain, Lily Matson, Emily Medcalf, and Katy Pallister.

Banner image:Women Scientists Discuss their Work with WIPO Staff, Flickr