June 25, 2022

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I, Science Radio – 21 Jan 2019

On this week's show: Disruption of technology, science communication, and society.

The I,Science radio show on 28th January 2019 was all about disruption. We found out that there are many definitions of disruption – what happens frequently to train timetables; what happens in business to disrupt convention to move more rapidly to a better future, whilst linking still to the past and in technology where simple technologies target the lower end of the market and work their way up to take over and disrupt the whole market.  It seems the term disruption can be applied to anything to mean disrupting conventions to a tipping point where everything has to change. The term is so massively overused in North America, people are calling for a moratorium on it, but since it is less used here in the UK we persuaded her to stick with us talking about it for an hour.

So, we talked about disruption in Science Communication with an interview with Professor John Durrant who started the Imperial Sci Comm course 25 years, and we talked about the potential for disruption in society with a growing number of people from generation Z (currently aged 3-23 years) self-identifying as non-binary and some as gender fluid. Society and science is currently organised along binary gender lines and the growth of people who are non-binary could and some of us argued should disrupt everything for the better for all of us.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genderqueer

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This week’s I, Science Radio show was hosted by Hilary Guite and produced by Kathy Grenville. We joined by guests Aaron Hadley, Juanita Bawagan, Louis van der Linden, and Fred Fyles. 

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