August 11, 2022

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

On this weeks show: teenage drinking rates going down; mummy and daddy mice; frequency phobia; and massive magnetic fields.

In todays show, we talked about a report on the fall in teenage drinking and wondered if the total drug load in Gen X and millennials was actually lower once you took non-alcohol highs into account. Sam talked about two mummy babies and two daddy babies that have been created in mice. The two daddy ones died. Gina explained why, Hilary turned it into another yellow sticky thing explanation. We then talked about the puzzle and why frequency phobia (the phobia of using simple frequencies rather than probabilities) might cause cognitive rigidity and decrease problem solving ability. The use of statistics in court cases brought home the importance of understanding. The Aaron brought us back reality with a bang with a report of a magnetic field creation that was more than ten fold the magnitude of an MRI scan and blew the lab door off

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The I, Science Radio is presented by Hilary Guite and produced by Jason Hosken
This week’s show presenters are Gina Degtyareva, Aaron Hadley, Liam Duan, Vaentin Meneveau, and Sam Haddad.

Banner image: Dr. Davidson