August 13, 2022

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

Our first live radio show of the year was great fun talking about zombie ants, lying, bees, and the Nobel and Ig Nobel prizes. Join us for some lighthearted conversations about science.

On the first day of the first week of term and on 1st October eight brave souls launched into live radio on the I,Science show.

We talked about Zombie Ants – ants that have been attacked by a parasite that takes over their brains and makes them wander out of the nest at night and hang out under plants ready to be eaten by passing cattle and deer. This lead us seamlessly to discussing entrepreunialship which is linked to toxoplasmosis infection (another parasite that controls the brain). We also talked about lying, and whether we think it was a good or a bad thing and conducted an experiment to see if the panel could tell if Hilary or Jason were lying…Topicality led us to discuss the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing. Next were bees and the finding that a herbicide previously thought to be safe is not. Finally we discussed the Nobel peace prize for using immunotherapy to treat cancer, the Nobel prize in general and the wonderful Ig Nobel prizes.

Listen below and find the rest of our shows here.

Catch us next Monday at from 5-6pm!

The I, Science Radio is presented by Hilary Guite and produced by Jason Hosken
This month’s show presenters are Bernadeta Dadonaitė, Lily Matson, Juanita Bawagan, Anthony McGarry, Tristan Varela, and Sam Haddad.

Banner image: Elinor Ostrom,