December 5, 2021

I, Science

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The release of a book to accompany David Attenborough's spectacular television series means the journey into the depths of Africa doesn't have to end ...


Africa, the BBC’s most daring and technologically advanced nature series to date, gave millions of viewers an insight into some of the most incredible feats of the natural world. Transporting us into a magical world of film, it captured the strangest and rarest creatures, showed unprecedented animal behaviours, and astounded with awe-inspiring landscapes. With the release of the new book (of the same name), this journey into the depths of Africa doesn’t have to end.

Through the use of amazing photography and accompanying texts (written by the BBC’s Natural History Unit producer Michael Bright), the book continues our spectacular voyage through the five unique regions of Africa. The visuals and texts in themselves are astounding, but these are only the beginning: the book, like the series, uses the best in modern technology, incorporating augmented reality into its pages.

All the reader has to do is download the free QuercusEye app, point their smartphone or web-enabled tablet at the select images and then sit back and watch in awe as they come to life. Witness the drama of lizards stalking their prey on the backs of lions, male giraffes fighting to the end, and beetles that will risk everything for love. It’s even possible to learn more about the filming techniques used during the groundbreaking documentary.

With new videos being released constantly, the fun and learning just keep coming. The book is available now, so join the journey and experience the amazing continent that is AFRICA.