September 20, 2021

I, Science

The science magazine of Imperial College

It is quite fashionable these days to be seen to care for the environment. Celebrities, corporations, even the Conservative party are all keen to emphasise their green credentials. Most of the time, however, their efforts are all but tokenistic – perhaps taking a few less private jets a year. Their efforts are put to shame by two people I was fortunate enough to meet during the spring holidays. Sue and Ted live in Anglesey, North Wales, and for the past year have engaged in a novel experiment which could one day lead to a more sustainable lifestyle for us all. This experiment is called a Forest Garden – which Sue and Ted explain in the video above.

The basic premise is to use natural forest ecosystems as a basis for creating a more sustainable source of food. Unlike a monoculture, forest ecosystems use different parts of the environment. Many of the species are necessary for the survival of other plants. By learning more about forest ecosystems, one can create more productive gardens.